Name Edward Wee Beng Hui
Tel +60 16 8889488

Working Experience Summary

Period Company Position
September 2013 to Present Sarawak Shell Berhad Maintenance Engineer (Analyst/Business Improvement)
July 2010 to August 2013 Sarawak Shell Berhad
via Manpower Supply
ME Data Analyst and Planning Support (2010-2012)
M03 Operations and Maintenance Planner (2013 added Role)
March 2008 to June 2010 Persafe Engineering Sdn. Bhd. Operations Manager
(Manpower Supply Division and Business Analysis)
Jan 2007 to Feb 2008 Into Info Sdn. Bhd. Application Developer
Jul 2006 to Jan 2007 Sarawak Shell Berhad
via Manpower Supply
CMMS Technician
Oct 2005 to Jun 2006 Sarawak Shell Berhad
via Manpower Supply
SAP Processing Unit (SPU)


Training Institution Training Date Expiry
Basic Accreditation for Recruitment Harrison’s Assessment 12/09/2011 -
Basic Accreditation for Employee Development Harrison’s Assessment 14/09/2011 -
Primavera P6 Basic EBS 11/07/2010 -
PI Client Application & ActiveX Scripting OSI Soft 15/02/2007 -
PISys. MgtII & PI Autopoint Sync OSI Soft 15/02/2007 -
PI IT Monitor OSI Soft 15/02/2007 -
PI Data Access Pack OSI Soft 15/02/2007 -
PI Advanced Computing Engine OSI Soft 15/02/2007 -
PI Sys. MgtI & PI Modules Database OSI Soft 15/02/2007 -
PTW Applicant SMTC 07/09/2006 07/09/2009

Education Background

University of Wollongong (Off Campus – Inti College Sarawak)

Year Qualification
2006 Bachelor of Computer Science
2004 Diploma in Computer Science
2002 Certificate in Computer Studies

 Inti College Sarawak

Year Qualification
2003 MLVK Level 1 in Architectural Draughtsman
  • Vocational skills based on competency
  • Sketching of single story detached houses
  • From architect’s draft to submission to council (knowledge)
  • Manual Sketching (using technical pen and tracing papers)
  • CAD Sketching (using AutoCAD 2000)
2001 MLVK Computer System Assistant Technician Level 2
  • Vocational skills based on competency
  • Hardware computer servicing skills learnt
  • Management of pc environment (most conducive to reduce maintenance of computers)

 SMK Lutong

Year Qualification
2000 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)


Year Event
2005 SYOB (Start Your Own Business) Technopreneur Flagship Programme
  • Organised by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC) for a week
  • Learnt about Entrepreneurship characteristics and business risks in the IT industry
  • Personality review conducted  and analysed
  • Awarded most outstanding participant
  • Awarded best team performance for closing ceremory
2003 Successfully completed the Sun Microsystems course “Introduction to Java Programming”
  • Able to perform basic programming in Java

Work Experience Details Elaboration

Company Name: Sarawak Shell Berhad From/To: September 2013 to Present
Position Title : Maintenance Engineer (Analyst/Business Improvement) Position Level : Senior Executive
Specialization : Business Analysis, Budget Control and Monitoring, KPI Management, Project Change Management
Industry : Oil / Gas / Petroleum
Work Description : Roles and Responsibilities
Maintenance Engineer (Analyst & Business Improvement)
  1. To Manage Sarawak Static Maintenance Information :
    • Work Management
    • Budget Management
    • Execution Strategy and Interface with External stakeholders (Management, Partners, MPM)
  2. Co-own Maintenance Integrity and Execution (MIE) KPI with all static Maintenance activity owners.
  3. Business Improvement Initiatives - To support in workstream and process improvements, embedding and supporting changes that helps the team increase efficiency.
  4. Plan and Control Projects and Costs with Activity Owners. Roles in TMM Projects:
    • Budget Planning (OP/BP) - 2 Yearly look ahead of budget plan
    • Maintenance Reference Plan - 5 Yearly look ahead plan (budget and activity)
    • Scope Entry Management - Reflecting the scopes that needs to be done by the activity owners, identifying risks and projects where activities need to be done.
    • Project Change Management - High level change management for TMM Campaigns - Shifts in schedules, execution sequences, etc. Managing impacts on interfacing projects, cost impacts, cascading impacts, acting as the interface between all stake holders in each change.
    • Budget Control and Management - Monthly Budget phasing and review of activities. High level governance control. To only clarify when required, random audits and trigger full audits where absolutely required.

Company Name: Sarawak Shell Berhad (via PMUC) From/To: Jul 2010 to August 2013
Position Title : ME Data Analysts And Planning Support Position Level : Senior Executive
Specialization : IT/Computer – Software
Role : Software Engineer/Programmer
Industry : Oil / Gas / Petroleum
Work Description : Roles and Responsibilities
ME Data Analyst and Planning Support
  • To provide support to Sarawak Asset Maintenance Planning Team (SK/ME1) especially to analyse live data within SAP, Primavera, Facilities Status Reporting (FSR), Total Reliability(TR) Dashboard.
  • To redesign Weekly WPS (Work Prep and Scheduling) and Monthly deviation management meetings formats and data templates to further enhance the effectiveness of the meeting. Integrating information from SAP (Work Order, Notification, Waivers), FSR, and activity owner remarks to capture stories of individual work orders, deviations, and asset.
  • To organise, facilitate, and record the weekly WPS meeting for SK/ME and the Monthly Deviation Meeting for Sarawak Assets.
  • Designed and Developed the Planner Database for the Operations and Maintenance Planning Team.  The DB integrates all the information from the SAP CMMS database, and FSR database, together with End User Comments and Remarks (captured in User defined fields).  The database is also used in meetings to capture meeting records, and comments.  The database automates the production of regular reports required for decision making and team activities.
  • To regularly update in the report format and to improve report availability in a systematic and more organized approach, including automation.
  • Automate the reporting formats in Ms. Excel to consistently deliver the same output from specific input sources.
  • To assist in analyzing, updating and reporting overall SK/ME Long Term(LT) in setting or developing the SK/ME overall strategy, budget, and target setting as well as for the day to day performance monitoring.
  • To extract data and information from the live system and a conversion to common report for management updates.
  • To develop specific report format as and when required by the management.
  • To assist in monitoring Maintenance Engineering (ME) KPIs (corrective maintenance, planned maintenance, corrective action workshop, deviation, etc).
  • To assist in drafting annual Asset Technical Integrity Plan and Production Sharing Contract (PSC) Work Program.
  • To report on Maintenance Engineering(ME) performance and budget Latest Estimate (LE) to management on a quarterly basis.
  • To input and update location ME integrated 90 Days planning meeting.
  • To liaise with other groups as ME representative within the Company (Project, Drilling, Production Technology, IT)
  • To be the ME Focal point in SAP PM module/Primavera improvement initiatives (where necessary)
  • To support ME Team in Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), i.e: SAP and Primavera to facilitate efficient utilization of CMMS, P6 and any other new application introduced by the Company.
  • To provide a backup role to ME scheduler & Planners & Activity Owners.
M03 Operations and Maintenance Planner (Added Role)
  • To integrate activities entering the M03 facilities in the Very Short Term, Short Term and Medium Term
  • To coordinate with the OIM, Work Supervisor, Scheduler to align as much as possible for activities to be completed as planned and to ensure the necessary crews are on board as and when planned.
  • Where site conditions differ from plan, To Coordinate with OIM, Work Supervisor and Scheduler, to evaluate contingency plans and decide best course of actions in the interest of the asset (Priority in the Order of Safety, Technical Integrity, Reliability, Opportunity).

Company Name: Persafe Engineering Sdn Bhd From/To: Mar 2008 to Jun 2010
Position Title : Manager (Miri Operations and Business Analysis) Position Level : Manager
Specialization : Human Resources
Role : Management
Industry : Oil / Gas / Petroleum
Work Description : Roles and Responsibilities
  • Contractor Representative for the PMUC (Professional Manpower Umbrella Contract)
  • To plan, analyse and bid for manpower supply contracts from our clients
  • To manage the welfare of the manpower supplied to our clients.
  • To source for the professionals from international databases such as Rigzone and Jobstreet.
  • To continuously source for opportunities to grow the business.
  • Perform routine updates to the company website
  • Analyse the business process and identify flaws in the current process.
  • Propose solutions and implementations plans for the findings on process flaws
  • IT support
  • Identifying opportunities to develop quick hit solutions to reduce company’s risk and increasing productivity.
  • Identifying potential risks in any of the company’s business activities, highlight, and to propose potential actions to mitigate unnecessary risks.Achievements and Tasks
  • Tendering Achievements
  • Interviewed, Cost and submitted over 50 manpower proposals to clients, of which 17 were successfully awarded.
  • Total awarded contract values of 17 tenders were over RM5,000,000.00, of which contracts duration ranges between 12 to 36 months. Categories include Sub-sea, Wells, Engineering (Commissioning), and Corporate (IT & Archives)
  • Management Tasks
  • Managed the welfare of 10 successfully awarded candidates (mobilization, payroll, contractual management, client management), 7 other candidates were awarded in July 2010, after I left Persafe.
  • Acted as company representative when working on contracts where partners were involved.
  • Represented the company when discussing contractual matters with the clients.
  • QA/QC Quality Management System ISO 9001
  • Source and engage consultants for ISO implementation
  • To coordinate with consultant and company to ensure the smooth implementation of the system.
  • Project Management – Office Relocation and Renovation
  • Project planning and costing
  • Sourcing of premises, negotiations, etc.
  • Sourcing of contractors, analyse quotes and engaging them
  • Managing contractor performances and activities
  • Reconstruct and Upgrade Company PCs.
  • Set up the company’s networking system.
  • Developed the company’s Work Management System – to facilitate the work flow of site and client for tracking work requests, status, claims, etc.

Company Name: Into Info Sdn. Bhd. From/To: Jan 2007 to Feb 2008
Position Title : Application Developer Position Level : Senior Executive
Specialization : IT/Computer – Software
Role : Software Engineer/Programmer
Industry : Oil / Gas / Petroleum
Work Description : Product – Osisoft PI-Process Book, PI – Datalink, PI- UDSProject Objective
The project’s objective is to merge SSB’s PI server with SSPC’s PI Server into one Single Server together with it’s previous years of archives and man machine interface Graphics. The new server is using a new version of the PI. To assure the integrity of the data, the client has required us to write a tool to prove that the data are properly merged and migrated back into the new server.Scopes of the project also include standardizing PI-Processbook Graphics to follow the SMEP’s Standard Guideline for PI-Processbook graphics. And the standardization of PI-Tag names, to follow the naming conventions as required by the SMEP’s PI-Tag Naming Convention Guideline.Roles and Achievements
  • Completed the PI Process Book Graphics Standardization according to standardization guideline for client (900 graphical and trend pages)
  • Standardization of PI-Tag Names according to the Tag Naming convention (applies to existing tags that were using different conventions)
  • Migration of PI server to new System
  • PI-Server Merging – Merging configurations/ archives of 3 PI UDS servers
  • Developed a verification tool to verify the archived data between 2 servers (to ensure data integrity after merging of the PI-Server Archives)
  • Learn the use of PI Process Book VBA for customization of tools and processes in the interfaces
  • Writing applications using the PISDK and VBA for PI Processbook in which automation of repeating tasks are made more efficient.
  • Working as a team member where all tasks are interdependent of each other and require strong team collaboration.

Company Name: Sarawak Shell Berhad From/To: Jul 2006 to Jan 2007
Position Title : CMMS Technician Position Level : Senior Executive
Specialization : IT/Computer – Network/System/Database Admin
Role : Others
Industry : Oil / Gas / Petroleum
Work Description : SAP Plant Maintenance Master Data Improvement Project.Project Objective
To verify the master data’s integrity in SMEP’s CMMS.Update and complete the CMMS asset registry (Functional locations hierarchy, equipment purchasing information, Technical data (SCE – Safety Critical Elements Barriers, Performance Standards, Bills of Material, Technical Object Types, Catalogue Profiles, etc).Once asset registry is updated, the preventive maintenance routines are updated according to the specific equipments. There are a team of 8 verifiers gathering location information ie the offshore platforms, onshore terminals etc ) and 3 onshore CMMS technician/engineers to compile these data.

Role in Project
Site Verification Strategy and System – The key for success is to identify and implement a strategy for collecting the required information and putting them together in a database. I had the opportunity to contribute in this strategy planning with our project leader and was heavily involved in the information structuring and database design for the data collection and presentation.

Data Massaging Automation –I had the privilege of working with fellow technicians on what were the time consuming tasks which allowed for me to use Automation. For example, when populating an excel spreadsheet with existing asset information (there were 30,000 records), and splitting the spreadsheets by location, and populating the headers and footers accordingly. With automation, the formatting can be done within minutes for each location, regardless of the number of records.

Data Entry and Presentation – The first phase of the data gathering process was to collect asset information through the Process and Instrumentation drawings. As this was a tedious process, I took the opportunity to write a simple MS Access application spreadsheet for the entry of these instruments tags. Eventually, even our clerical staff was also capable of identifying and filling in the fields where the end result (functional location) was further checked and verified by our CMMS Engineer.

Company Name: Sarawak Shell Berhad From/To: Oct 2005 to Jun 2006
Position Title : SAP Processing Unit (SPU) Position Level : Fresh/Entry Level
Specialization : IT/Computer – Software
Role : Software Engineer/Programmer
Industry : Oil / Gas / Petroleum
Work Description : Maintenance and Support of the SAP CMMS for SMEP.Responsibilities
  • Support the Maintenance Engineers in their daily usage of the SAP CMMS (Raising, Approving, Closing maintenance notifications, work orders, etc)
  • Extract, filter and sort master data information (functional locations, task lists, etc) for maintenance analysts whenever required
  • Prepare maintenance reports according to the CMMS information for Maintenance Engineers upon requests (subject to the approval of supervisor)
  • Prepare routine reports of outstanding notifications and work orders for discipline leaders.
  • Assist team planner in preparing and compiling/consolidating monthly project/task plans for each sub team.
  • Provide hand holding sessions with maintenance engineers new to SAP and their roles in the usage of SAP CMMS for their daily tasks.


  • Assist the Maintenance Engineering Infrastructure team clear out their CMMS outstanding work orders by working closely with them to identify works that has been actually completed. (Data Improvement Exercise).  Applauded for the job.
  • Assist the Maintenance Engineering Strategy Team identify and organize the potentially misleading notifications that has not been closed. This required much communication with the respective task owners as the CMMS was not updated thoroughly when tasks had been completed.
  • Assist Notification and Work Order owners to organize their works into clear information and reports which can be easily identified as tasks they have completed (as work management was not fully done in SAP CMMS, the work orders that has been raised to complete the tasks needs to be updated accordingly)

Reference Summary

  • Primavera P6 Basic - EBS
  • HA Personality Report 2011-September

    PI Client Application & ActiveX Scripting

    OSI Soft

    PISys. MgtII & PI Autopoint Sync

    OSI Soft

    PI Data Access Pack

    OSI Soft

    PI Advanced Computing Engine

    OSI Soft

    PI Sys. MgtI & PI Modules Database

    OSI Soft

    PI IT Monitor

    OSI Soft

    Basic Accreditation for Recruitment

    Harrison’s Assessment

    Basic Accreditation for Employee Development

    Harrison’s Assessment

    Diploma in Computer Science

    Inti College Sarawak

    PTW Applicant


    Bachelor of Computer Science

    University of Wollongong

    MLVK Level 1 in Architectural Draughtsman

    MLVK Computer System Assistant Technician Level 2

    MEIS Applaud